"After attending a class led by Donata, I realised how much control I have in my own hands and how much I can do with the right information and understanding!"

Eglė, "Managing stress and creativity during times of uncertainty" class attendee


Online Courses

Our online curses are designed to equip you with various tools to enhance your practice and performance. After attending our courses you will be able to use those same tools by yourself, whenever you need.

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Events and Workshops

Donata leads seminars and interactive workshops about Performance Psychology. Her most popular modules currently are:

Mental Toughness and Mental Skills

Stress Management and Creativity

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Performance Coaching

Looking for a sustainable way to remove interferences that restrict you in your performances? We can work personally with you and tailor the right program for you, whether around Mental Skills Training or Stress Management techniques to develop and empower the performer in you.

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Meet your instructor

Pianist and performance coach Donata Vaitkutė is a specialist in Performance Psychology, Stress Management and Mental Skills Training.

Donata strongly believes in continuous learning, and she constantly works on broadening her knowledge by receiving various training, some of which include:

  • Performance Science (Royal College of Music, London)
  • Piano Performance (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow)
  • Life Coaching (University of Cambridge)
  • Sports Psychology (St Mary's University, Twickenham)
  • Stress Management (Centre for Coaching, London)
  • Health and Wellbeing coaching (Centre for Coaching, London)

As a speaker, Donata presented her academic and research work at the University of Cambridge (UK), the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (Australia), the University of Performing Arts Munich (Germany), and the AICPA & CIMA UK Women's Leadership Summit, amongst many other events.

Donata is a member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology. Her broad experience in performing, research and coaching contexts gives her a unique perspective when working with clients from the performing arts, sports and business fields.

"As a professional musician, I spent thousands of hours working on my technical abilities. But the real game-changer in my most important performances always came from mental training."

Donata, coach and instructor at Mental Skills Lab

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