"Donata presented recently for CIMA at our UK Women’s Summit. Donata clearly spent time researching information beforehand to make the session far more beneficial for our delegates, and she delivered the session in a very captivating and relevant way. Our delegates were full of praise for Donata and we look forward to engaging with Donata at our future events." 

Emma from CIMA

Available Workshops

Donata leads seminars and interactive workshops about Performance Psychology. Her most popular workshops currently are:

  • Mental Toughness and Mental Skills
  • Stress Management and Creativity
  • Effective Self-Talk for Confidence
  • Productivity and Overthinking
  • Talent vs. Mindset

Mental Toughness and
Mental Skills

Achieving outstanding results often requires a great deal of practice. However, practising just the physical side of performance (i.e. playing the instrument, competing in a race or delivering a presentation) might not be enough to achieve success because the lack of mental rather than physical skills is often the cause of problems that arise during practice or performance.

Mental skills training can enhance our Mental Toughness and advance the quality of self-awareness, motivation and self-regulation.

In this workshop you will master the use of Goal-Setting, Relaxation, Visualisation and Self-Talk to boost your performance in the most critical moments.

Stress Management and Creativity

Stress management skills are becoming more and more important in our everyday lives during times of uncertainty.

Stress can have a tremendous negative effect on our creativity, and this is important for all of us - performing artists, teachers and those in business.

To keep our creativity flourishing, we must look for new ways to deal with our stress levels.

In this workshop you will learn about how stress affects our creativity and what can we do to stay creative during challenging times.

Effective Self-Talk
for Confidence

Our self-talk can strongly affect our confidence. Therefore, being able to distinguish between helpful and unhelpful internal dialogues is crucial for effective confidence boost.

In this workshop you will learn about various strategies to manage your negative inner voice and master self-talk to significantly boost your confidence level. You will then be able to use these techniques on your own, whenever you wish to.